It is so great that I found you to help with my health issues! You are far-and-away the best technician on the Asyra, which I consider the most essential device in the healing arts. Rene

Working with Renita for the past 3+ years has and continues to definitely help transform my health and well-being! I highly recommend all of her services for healing, improvement, enjoying and moving forward in your life! Renita has a wealth of continuing knowledge, a big heart, and passion for truly living healthier! You owe it to yourself and you are worth it! Find out for yourself how much better you can feel with support from Renita!   A sincerely grateful client~KD  😉

Renita is very caring and compassionate.  She’s very attentive to all my requests and kind hearted.  She is also very generous with her time and resources.  She goes out of her way to help her clients.  She is also very knowledgeable and skilled in her practice and exhausts every means to help her clients.  I am very thankful to have met her.  She has been very helpful to my healing and becoming whole – from making me aware of my need to increase my vitamin D level, to giving me access to her oxygen chamber and PEMF mat and all her other health gadgets. Thank you! I will not be where I am health wise if not for her.  Nanette V.

Renita has always been there for me and I am grateful that she is in my life. I would recommend her services to all! JB

Renita and HealthFX has changed my life for the better!!  She was the 1st and only person to get my sleep issues under control & I’m still sleeping great years later.  Which fixed many other issues I WAS having!!!!I highly recommend ALL of her services.  She gets results if you do what she says!!!!!! I’m very grateful to have her in my life. D.F

I have been seeing Renita regularly for over six months. She is so knowledgeable about health matters and I trust the remedies and supplements she creates for me. I have just retired and plan to keep healthy in mind and body with her help. Maureen

I have found someone that I totally trust.  Renita’s understanding of the human body and real nutrition far surpasses that of all but one doctor I have been to in the past and I am 72 yrs. of age.  My friend had to have eye surgery because of drooping eyelids and with the work Renita has done on my one droopy eye I am no longer worried about spending the money nor enduring the pain of that surgery.  Give me non-invasive health care from someone who knows and understands health the way Renita does and so I will happily choose to be her client and I have. Fran Turano

Having been so sick for so long and having spent/wasted so much money trying to get better, it was incredibly refreshing (and dare I say healing in itself on some level) to come upon a practitioner like Renita who was clearly more interested in her clients’ health than in money. As just one example, I’m always a bit wary of practitioners who also sell products, afraid that they will pressure me (however subtly) into buying a ton of stuff, but I never felt even an ounce of this from Renita. (If anything, it was the opposite–her sometimes suggesting that I didn’t necessarily need a particular product.) She clearly just wanted to help me get better and went out of her way in too many ways to enumerate here towards this end.  – J

Renita has been a blessing in my life. Renita taught me about Emotional Freedom Tapping EFT.  A great way to improve self acceptance and cope with challenges. I did the Vo-Cal Voice Remapping with Renita.  It was a fascinating experience that helped me deal present stress by going through past trauma until resolved. She was there guiding me through, bringing me to a better balanced place.
I used the Energetix products that are uniquely coded by the machines to address my particular health issue.
Renita does incredible healing through her complete line of many different products to address a broad spectrum of health issues.  I had a cold with a persistent  symptoms. Renita had me do Asyra, cough into a tissue and made a custom remedy just for my issue.  Before I knew it I was feeling better. Renita’s Oxygen Machine was instrumental in a speedy recovery from a broken C-4 vertebrae. I owe her my life. I was training for a triathlon and had constant sore muscles. After a session in the O2 chamber, my body felt relaxed, refreshed and ready for another workout. With Renita’s help I was able to complete a lifetime dream.
Renita has “bemer” technology that helps both with emotional and physical healing. It helps the body help itself for speedy recovery.
If you have an aliment, be it physical or emotional, Renita has both the training and equipment to help heal you.
Renita is more than a holistic practitioner, she is a truly caring individual desiring to help others.

In June of 2010 My wife took me to my first visit with Renita. I had been diagnosed with CBGD or CBD ( Corticobasal Degeneration) Even the Levadopa given to Parkinson’s patients does not work for CBGD. I could not drive and could barely talk and express myself. I was told by my doctor, that in about a year I would be mostly paralyzed and bedridden. Months after seeing her and using her protocols, I was able to talk without much hesitation. I also was able to drive again. I have been ambulatory the entire time. I have been able to go overseas on trips and local trips. I have quality of life and am able to enjoy getting out. Mario

My husband found Health FX (Renita) when searching for holistic health care for my daughter’s food sensitivities.  We did not want to go the conventional route with shots and prescription medicines with various side effects and only fixes the symptoms and not the root cause.  Renita uses this amazing machine that is noninvasive to get information fast from the body, then creates a safe energetic remedy made with the machine to heal and balance the body.   In the case of my daughter’s food sensitivities, the machine identifies the foods to avoid without the conventional invasive allergy test needles and the machine creates a remedy to balance and desensitize the body to the food. We have been seeing Renita for over 10 years for various health reasons and we are very lucky to have found such a wonderful and caring person/professional.  Renita takes the time to explain the test results and answers all of your questions.  We highly recommend Renita (Health FX) for your holistic health. The Chan Family

Dog testimonial: We just began to bring George, our 12 year old dog (Pomeranian), to see Renita for his heart condition.  The medication the veteranarian wanted him to take had various side effects and as time went on he the medication doses would be stronger.  We wanted our dog to live a happy comfortable senior life without all the side effects from taking the meds so we asked Renita if her machine would be able to help.  We are so pleased with the results, George is much better and everyone is so surprise when we tell them George is 12 years old, for he acts and looks like a 2 year old. The Chan Family