Remote Testing

Asyra Remote Testing

Remote Asyra testing is offered as a testing service for individuals, infants, children, pets/animals and health professionals/ therapists as an additional service for their clients.  (For therapists, Asyra testing can help provide extra information concerning your clients’ symptoms, especially when progress is stagnating.

The Asyra can identify emotional, physical and spiritual issues that we cannot identify for ourselves. As older children and adults, humans can express their issues and concerns, however, infants, small children and animals cannot express themselves verbally. Asyra testing can identify the issues that can help a person/animal heal regardless of whether they can verbalize those issues. As an example, this testing can identify the nutritional deficiencies or sensitivities in an infant so a mother can adjust her food intake to insure a better and healthier breastfeeding experience.

Remote testing costs:

$125 – Includes testing your DNA swab, report describing test results, recommendations for further supplementation, and one remedy bottle imprinted with test results and up to 1 hour phone consult.

Additional supplements will be mailed to you after phone consult and upon receipt of full payment for the supplements. The remedy will be shipped with supplements. Shipping is a standard $12.

Prices are the same for animals.


Please take cotton swab and swab inside your mouth between gum line and cheek. (One side of swab on one cheek and the other side of swab on other cheek) Place in a zip lock baggy.

Please send three items:

  1. Baggie with swab.
  2. A recent picture of you or your animal. Please include your name or animals name, date of birth, address and mail with the swab along with all contact information (phone(s), email).
  3. A check for $125.

Please download and complete the Health Questionnaire and mail along with your swab and information. This questionnaire is for humans.  If you are sending an animal swab please tell me the issues your animal is having so I can address them.

Mail to Renita Zies 1454 Pine Grove Way, San Jose, CA 95129. Please mail same day as you take sample, or refrigerate till you can mail it. I will contact you when I receive it and advise when it will be tested. Usually within 5 days of receiving.

Definitions of underlined words

Pets and animals

  • There are no ‘bad’ or ‘depressed’ animals, if an animal is ‘grumpy’ it usually means it’s in pain… an anxious animal can have mineral imbalances
  • Pets cannot tell you what is wrong and you cannot ask them questions. Bioenergtic testing can take the guessing out of the equation. Often blood tests cannot address the issues wrong with a pet.