Frequency Specific Micro Current (FSM)

Applying an electromagnetic field to the body can help almost any condition. The human body is created in such a way, that if it has a sufficient supply of energy, it can compensate for illness by self-regulation and self-healing. Each form of illness has, at its foundation, an energy deficit. Most of us suffer from lack of vitality, which is due largely to environmental and emotional stresses, overwork, pollution, poor nutrition or lack of exercise.

How does frequency-specific micro-current work?

FSM is applied to the body with a device (Acutron Mentor) that delivers a mild current. Micro-current is an extremely mild electrical current (one millionth of an ampere). The human body actually produces its own current within each cell.

In FSM, specific frequencies are selected to encourage natural healing of the body and to reduce pain. Frequencies have been identified for nearly every type of tissue in the body.

One of the ways FSM works is by potentially increasing the production of the substance ATP in injured tissues. ATP is the major source of energy for all cellular reactions in the body. Because sessions with FSM can increase ATP production by as much as 500% in damaged tissues, this may help with the recovery process. Depending on the condition, a session with FSM can “loosen” or soften the muscles, which can help relieve pain and/or stiffness.

What conditions are helped with frequency-specific micro-current?

FSM is most often used to alleviate pain, especially nerve and muscle pain, inflammation, and scar tissue, from the following conditions:

  • Shingles
  • burns
  • kidney stones
  • asthma
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • disc injuries
  • fibromyalgia
  • diabetic neuropathy
  • neuromas (overgrowth and scarring to a nerve after an injury)
  • acute (sudden) and chronic (long-term) musculoskeletal injuries
  • acute and chronic neuropathic (nerve) pain
  • chronic fracture and bone pain
  • arthritis
  • disc injuries
  • concussions
  • headaches
  • plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel and foot)
  • sports injuries
  • wounds

Sessions with FSM are non-invasive and painless. The currents used in FSM are so low that the client often does not feel them. During a FSM session, patients may notice certain effects, including warmth and a softening of affected tissues.

Before each session I test the client to see which frequencies will be the most optimal.

Depending on the condition and the client’s level of pain, the effects of an FSM session for pain can last several days or longer. For acute injuries, lasting pain relief can often be achieved.

The length of time depends on what FSM output is selected. Each client is tested to see which FSM program is best at the time. A Session can run from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. So give yourself at least 1 hour time for the appointment.

Each FSM session is augmented with the use of the Bemer pad for optimal circulation and further reduction of inflammation.

It’s very important for each person to be well hydrated (drink plenty of water) before FSM treatment.

 1 Session – $30

10 Sessions – $250